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The Brisbane spectacular  fireworks confirmed everyone’s suspicions. Brisbane is the most recent Australian city to be successful in its ambition to host the Olympics. Brisbane is set as the official host of the 2032 Summer Olympics on July 21st. It will not be the first time that the Olympics will be held in Australia.

Melbourne held the legendary event in 1956, while Sydney is Australia’s most recent host city, having hosted the 2000 Olympics. After Los Angeles won the bid to host the 2028 Olympics, Brisbane becomes only the second host city to receive 11 years of preparation. Online sports betting & online casino operators in Australia are already planning for the 2032 events.

Even though Australia has only hosted the Olympics twice, it has a long history with the games. The 1956 Melbourne Olympics were unique in that it was the first time the event was held outside of Europe and the United States. It was also the first Olympics to feature live television broadcasts and the first time that all of the athletes in the competition walked together at the closing ceremony. Australia won 35 medals in the competition, including 13 gold, 8 silver, and 14 bronze.

Even better, Australia won 58 medals at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, including 16 gold, 25 silver, and 17 bronze. The president of the International Olympic Committee at the time, praised the Sydney games as the “greatest ever,” therefore Australian athletes can only aspire for the best in the 2032 summer games. With the return of the Olympics to Australia, Australian teams still have the 2024 and 2028 games to compete, which is exactly what online betting sites want to hear.

Olympic Games in Brisbane

Brisbane, the 2032 Summer Olympics chosen one!

Melbourne was chosen to host the 2032 Summer Olympics months before the formal announcement. The city was the first to benefit from a revamped bidding process, with an agreement concluded in February. The IOS granted Brisbane exclusive negotiating rights, which surprised bidders such as Germany, Qatar, and Hungary. With the new bidding structure, IOC can approach and select possible candidates without having to compete. It eliminates vote-buying and reduces campaign costs, making the entire process more efficient. The last Olympics required a seven-year lead time.

Brisbane won the vote 72-5, which is a larger margin than Sydney’s tight victory against Beijing in the 2000 Olympics. According to IOC, the games will be held in Queensland, which also hosted the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Australia is a sports-mad country, with stadiums and arenas set to undergo major renovations. Brisbane is recognized for its Gabba cricket stadium, which is one of the pitches slated for renovation. Brisbane is the third city to be awarded the right to host the Olympics without a bid.

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