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Take Olympus by Betsoft, which has enticing features.

Take Olympus by Betsoft, which has enticing features. The Cycle of Gods, which includes four features and a bonus game in which Zeus takes away the control of four gods, adds to the overall excitement of the game. It’s a low-volatility slot with a top payout of 2328 times your wager.

Take Olympus is a five-reel new pokie with 50 paylines that will be released by BetSoft in January 2021. It is based on Greek mythology and tells fascinating stories about Greek gods and goddesses. When playing this slot, your main goal is to reach the throne on Mount Olympus, the mountain of the Gods.

The setting is inspired by Greek mythology, with stunning flowers and gardens, ancient statues, and white marble temples. The appealing graphics and high-quality images create the atmosphere of a peaceful place where the gods live. A melodious soundtrack inspired by the Greek theme complements the peaceful and soothing atmosphere.

Take Olympus Slot Features: The Cycle of Gods

This slot is best enjoyed in a series of 10 spins, which is known as the 10 Spins Cycle of the Gods. Each cycle lasts ten spins, and each cycle is ruled by one of the five Gods.Apollo Cycle: When “Apollo, the Archer of the Wild” rules the cycle, all bow and arrow symbols appear on the reels, and these symbols transform into wilds during the final case.